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Posted at 12:45 AM on 12/18/2007
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China Apparel & Accessories Manufacturer Catalog China Apparel & Accessories Manufacturer, China Apparel & Accessories Catalog China Apparel & Accessories

China Arts & Crafts Manufacturer Catalog China Arts & Crafts Manufacturer, China Arts & Crafts Catalog China Arts & Crafts

China Auto Parts & Accessories Manufacturer Catalog China Auto Parts & Accessories Manufacturer, China Auto Parts & Accessories Catalog China Auto Parts & Accessories

China Bags, Cases & Boxes Manufacturer Catalog China Bags, Cases & Boxes Manufacturer, China Bags, Cases & Boxes Catalog China Bags, Cases & Boxes

China Construction & Decoration Manufacturer Catalog China Construction & Decoration Manufacturer, China Construction & Decoration Catalog China Construction & Decoration

China Consumer Electronics Manufacturer Catalog China Consumer Electronics Manufacturer, China Consumer Electronics Catalog China Consumer Electronics

China Electrical & Electronics Manufacturer Catalog China Electrical & Electronics Manufacturer, China Electrical & Electronics Catalog China Electrical & Electronics

China Furniture & Furnishing Manufacturer Catalog China Furniture & Furnishing Manufacturer, China Furniture & Furnishing Catalog China Furniture & Furnishing

China Machinery Manufacturer Catalog China Machinery Manufacturer, China Machinery Catalog China Machinery

China Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy Manufacturer Catalog China Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy Manufacturer, China Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy Catalog China Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy

China Light Industry & Daily Use Manufacturer Catalog China Light Industry & Daily Use Manufacturer, China Light Industry & Daily Use Catalog China Light Industry & Daily Use

China Lights & Lighting Manufacturer Catalog China Lights & Lighting Manufacturer, China Lights & Lighting Catalog China Lights & Lighting

China Office Supplies Manufacturer Catalog China Office Supplies Manufacturer, China Office Supplies Catalog China Office Supplies

China Sporting Goods & Recreation Manufacturer Catalog China Sporting Goods & Recreation Manufacturer, China Sporting Goods & Recreation Catalog China Sporting Goods & Recreation

China Textile Manufacturer Catalog China Textile Manufacturer, China Textile Catalog China Textile

China Tools & Hardware Manufacturer Catalog China Tools&Hardware Manufacturer, China Tools & Hardware Catalog China Tools&Hardware

China Security & Protection Manufacturer Catalog China Security & Protection Manufacturer, China Security & Protection Catalog China Security & Protection

China Agriculture & Food Manufacturer Catalog China Agriculture & Food Manufacturer, China Agriculture & Food Catalog China Agriculture & Food

China Service Manufacturer Catalog China Service Manufacturer, China Service Catalog China Service

China Health & Medicine Manufacturer Catalog China Health & Medicine Manufacturer, China Health & Medicine Catalog China Health & Medicine

China Chemicals Manufacturer Catalog China Chemicals Manufacturer, China Chemicals Catalog China Chemicals

China Computer Products Manufacturer Catalog China Computer Products Manufacturer, China Computer Products Catalog China Computer Products

China Toys Manufacturer Catalog China Toys Manufacturer, China Toys Catalog China Toys

China Transportation Manufacturer Catalog China Transportation Manufacturer, China Transportation Catalog China Transportation

China Bearing Manufacturer Catalog China Bearing Manufacturer, China Bearing Catalog China Bearing

China Motor & Engine Manufacturer Catalog China Motor & Engine Manufacturer, China Motor & Engine Catalog China Motor & Engine

China Pump & Vacuum Equipment Manufacturer Catalog China Pump & Vacuum Equipment Manufacturer, China Pump & Vacuum Equipment Catalog China Pump & Vacuum Equipment

China Sealing & Gaskets Manufacturer Catalog China Sealing & Gaskets Manufacturer, China Sealing & Gaskets Catalog China Sealing & Gaskets

China Valve Manufacturer Catalog China Valve Manufacturer, China Valve Catalog China Valve
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Posted at 12:43 AM on 12/18/2007
brass angle valves, angle seat valves, angle valve, angle stop valve, angle globe valve, angle control valves, stainless steel ball valves, ball valve, ball check valve, brass ball valves, brass bib cocks, bib cock, water faucet, brass taps, stainless steel check valves, brass pipe fitting, brass fittings, check valve, brass check valve, swing check valves, floor drain, stainless steel floor drain, brass floor drains, brass gate valves, gate valve, gate slide valve, gate knife valves, piping, stainless steel angle valve, stainless steel gate valves, valve, angle seat valve, angle valve, ball valve, bib cock, brass fitting, brass gate valve, check valve, floor drain, gate valve, piping, car stop position

angle seat valve, angle valve, ball valve, bib cock, brass fitting, brass gate valve, check valve, floor drain, gate valve, piping

China Deland Valves Manufactring Co.,Ltd.
Add: 24 floor, Yangzi Building, Huaihai Street, Nanjing City, China.
Tel: 86-25-84410495, 84419751
P.C.: 210000
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Posted at 12:42 AM on 12/18/2007
Valve: air valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, egr valve, fisher valve, float valve, flow control valve, gas valve, gate valve, heart valve, hydraulic valve, needle valve, pcv valve, plug valve, relief valve, solenoid valve, sprinkler valve, steam valve, vortex valve, water valve, safety valve, mixing valve, globe valve, blow off valve, sloan valve, pressure reducing valve, industrial valve, diverter valve, plastic valve, flush valve, brass valve, vacuum valve, shower valve

Pipe: aluminum pipe, copper pipe, daniel pipe, drainage pipe, exhaust pipe, gas pipe, glass pipe, half pipe, hash pipe, hdpe pipe, hookah pipe, peace pipe, pipe bender, pipe clamp, pipe insulation, pipe locator, pipe plug, plastic pipe, pvc pipe, steel pipe, tobacco pipe, water pipe, wesley pipe, galvanized pipe, pipe bending, concrete pipe, drain pipe, pex pipe, meerschaum pipe, pipe cleaner, drill pipe, quarter pipe, polyethylene pipe, sewer pipe, verb pipe, cobra pipe, charlotte pipe, motorcycle pipe, fmf pipe, stove pipe

Hose: fire hose, air hose, compression hose, flexible hose, garden hose, hose clamp, hose reel, hydraulic hose, soaker hose, support hose, watering hose, rubber hose, vacuum hose, hose fitting

Fitting: copper fitting, brass fitting, compression fitting, hydraulic fitting, parker fitting, pipe fitting, pvc fitting, tube fitting, stainless steel fitting, sanitary fitting, plastic fitting

Bearing: ball bearing, wheel bearing, timken bearing, linear bearing, ceramic bearing, skf bearing, pillow block bearing, roller bearing, skateboard bearing, Caster

Cable: comcast cable, hdmi cable, porter cable, monster cable, usb cable, cable descrambler, cable box, ethernet cable, digital cable, s video cable, coaxial cable, cable tie, wireless cable, network cable, communication cable, firewire cable, fiber optic cable, dvi cable, vga cable, cable assembly, cat 5 cable, computer cable, data cable, audio cable, power cable, speaker cable, dsl cable, belden cable

Machine: sewing machine, automated teller machine, atm machine, slot machine, vending machine, pitching machine, embroidery machine, espresso machine, coffee machine, cappuccino machine, karaoke machine, bread machine, rowing machine, pinball machine, elliptical machine, fog machine, popcorn machine, ice machine, credit card machine, tattoo machine, answering machine, gumball machine, quilting machine, knitting machine, cpap machine, white noise machine, exercise machine, fart machine, carpet cleaning machine, drum machine, cotton candy machine, milling machine, sound machine, cnc machine, welding machine, soda machine, binding machine, arcade machine, pasta machine, engraving machine, green machine, lamp, furniture, houseware, kitchenware, home decor, electrical appliances, finance, lawyer, office products, real estate, wire mesh

China VPH Machine Co., Ltd.
Adress: Oubei Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. 325000
Phone: 86-577-67929881
Fax: 86-577-67929871
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About Us

Posted at 1:35 AM on 4/30/2007
China JingPin machine Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994. Our company is one member of China Current Mechanical Valve Association, the production unit appointed by China Chemical Industry Equipment Head-office, Huge dragon in county business enterprise and one of 20 top enterprises in Chinese Valve Land, and the enterprise permitted to produce safety valve by State Mechanical Industry Ministry. Our products respectively passed the AZ certification of State Technology Supervision Bureau, and CE certification of EEC, Pressure Equipment PED, and API certification of the USA.

China JingPin machine Co., Ltd. has 300 equipment such as modern machinery processing center, digital control machine tool, and general machine tool, etc. and has the oversize vertical machine tool with 3.5 meters processing diameters, and has some special equipment for metal material physics and chemistry test, mechanical perform dynam test, ultrasonic thickness test, rigidity test, non-breaking detecting, plasma repair welding, metal hot-treatment, safety valve hot-state, cold-state full-performance test center, and spring strength test, etc.

China JingPin machine Co., Ltd. produces ten more kinds of products such as Valve, Pipe, Hose, Fitting, Flange, and non-standard valve etc. The specifications of our products are over 2000 kinds, including ANSI, API, DIN, BS, JIS and GB Standard. Our products are mainly made by these materials such as WCB, WC1, WC6, WC9, ZGCr5Mo, ZG15Cr1Mo1V, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, 12CrMoV, ZG1Cr18Ni9Ti, and ZG1Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti, etc. Our products are used in the manual, worm wheel transmission, electric, pneumatic, liquid drive, and electric & liquid linkage etc.

More valve, Pipe, Hose products please visit:

China JingPin machine Co., Ltd.
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Posted at 1:34 AM on 4/30/2007
Valve: flow control valve, ball valve, solenoid valve, check valve, butterfly valve, gate valve, relief valve, air valve, egr valve, safety valve, fisher valve, mixing valve, blow off valve, plug valve, globe valve, needle valve, sloan valve, water valve, pressure reducing valve, hydraulic valve, industrial valve, steam valve, diverter valve, vortex valve, plastic valve, pcv valve, flush valve, float valve, brass valve, sprinkler valve, vacuum valve, gas valve, shower valve
Pipe: tobacco pipe, pipe bender, pipe fitting, steel pipe, hookah pipe, pipe plug, pipe locator, glass pipe, galvanized pipe, pvc pipe, pipe bending, water pipe, concrete pipe, drain pipe, plastic pipe, pex pipe, exhaust pipe, meerschaum pipe, pipe insulation, pipe cleaner, half pipe, quarter pipe, aluminum pipe, polyethylene pipe, pipe clamp, sewer pipe, peace pipe, cobra pipe, hdpe pipe, motorcycle pipe, gas pipe, fmf pipe, stove pipe
Hose: hose reel, garden hose, hydraulic hose, fire hose, air hose, compression hose, flexible hose, watering hose, rubber hose, soaker hose, vacuum hose, hose clamp, hose fitting
Fitting: pvc fitting, copper fitting, brass fitting, tube fitting, compression fitting, stainless steel fitting, hydraulic fitting, sanitary fitting, parker fitting, plastic fitting

China JingPin machine Co., Ltd.
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Posted at 1:33 AM on 4/30/2007
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